Friends & Dieting

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It seems that our friends are to blame if we have a weight problem. Research in California shows that people who hang around other overweight people have a tendency to gain weight quicker themselves.

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In fact, here are the concrete statistics: In 60% of analyzed cases, it turned out that people who spend a lot of time with overweight people gain weight faster. This influence is of course not limited to just friends, but family, members of the household, work colleagues…This does not mean that you should run away from overweight people for fear of being overweight yourself, but take a slightly different outlook:

Every person who we interact with subtly influences us, as we do them. What is the essence of being with friends? Many would say that it is sharing. What connects people are the interests they share, the job they share, hobbies, way of amusing themselves and so on.

How Can Friends Help You Stick to a Diet?

The strength of sharing can really be amazing. Who ever went on a diet together with a friend probably had a much more interesting and enjoyable experience than someone going at it alone.

If we can manage to share our desire to lose weight with our friends, to be heathy, in good shape, to eat well – the whole process will be a lot easier and more enjoyable. We don’t have to share bad habits, such as overindulging in food or drink. Since our friends usually tend to encourage us, it can be great to have their support during dieting as well.

Some research shows that people who want to seriously stick to a diet even break off contact with old friends who are overweight. But, if it is that easy to forget overweight friends, what happens with people who are married?

According the research, one of the ways people compensate for unhappiness is by overeating. However, this is an age old problem that can not be solved by changing your friends, but looking into your own needs and how you satisfy them.

Very often we tend to blame those closest to us for our lifestyle, whereas the best we can do with them is to just go for a walk and talk about living right.