Moderate Physical Activity and Weight Loss

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Moderate physical activity has shown itself to be of great impact for weight loss. if your diet is not giving results, and if you don’t have time to hit the gym, then maybe it is time to change your approach. Maybe it is time to ask yourself if the rigorous diets you are going through, or all the hours of sports, are giving you the results you want.

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Much research has shown that moderate physical activity can be very helpful when you want to lose weight. In fact, physical activity that lasts a few minutes, repeated several times during the day can have the same effect as 30 minutes of jogging or gym.

Moderate physical activity can allow you to have a long term positive effect during weight loss, which is especially useful for people who do not have much time or who are not really into sports. This principle can be used with going to the gym or the swimming pool, but continuity is the most important to have lasting success with weight loss.

What exactly is moderate physical activity?

Broadly speaking, it is any physical activity that involves your body moving. Since the emphasis should be on intensity, the exact exercise is not as important as the way that it is done. It should not be an exercise that is so intense as to leave you short of breath, or causes you to stop every several minutes.

It should be more like brisk walking, going quickly up or down the stairs, dancing, washing windows, mowing the lawn… These are not activities that can be thought of as being very tiring. But if you do them 5 times a week for a total of 30 minutes, the weight loss process will definitely be sped up.

The main thing is for all of us to understand that physical activity and an active lifestyle are not just other terms for sports and the gym. As we said, there are many other kinds of moderate physical activity that can be great for your diet. It is important to realize that rigorous diets, harsh eating regimes and extreme sporting activities are not the only way to get in the shape you want.