What do you think of the new Herbalife deal?

Dieta Herbalife, the celebrated nutrition team, and the worldwide soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed today that they have prepared a new supplement together – an amazing sports beverage by the name of CR7 Drive.

Christiano Ronaldo Herbalife

The company and its promoter present their new sports drink to the world.

A mutual and long standing partnership exists between the two sides, with the latest energy sports drink being just the most recent illustration of what they plan to realize together.

Herbalife has been committed to the player both on and off the field as part of its multi-year deal with Ronaldo, and CR7 Drive was designed to improve his results and address his specific nutritional needs.

“Cristiano Ronaldo takes nutrition very seriously and acknowledges how an appropriate diet in combination with choice nutrients can help to boost his performance,” said Michael Johnson, chairman and CEO, Herbalife.

This amazing new energy beverage was initially created for the desires of Ronaldo, but in fact the demands of athletes throughout the globe are much the same – be they professionals or hobbyists. It is an incredible pleasure for Herbalife to be able to make such a product available to sports people all over.

Both sides are very pleased with their joint efforts with each other, with Ronaldo stating that he appreciates how seriously Herbalife takes nutrition, and Herbalife conveying their wonder at the dedication and professionalism of the football player.

“Working with devoted Herbalife sports science staff to develop CR7 Drive has been extremely rewarding and demonstrates what a true partnership ought to be like. I look forward to assisting athletes around the world understand how nutritious products can help them perform.”

The inspiration for the new product was to improve the standard sports beverage by making it give more energy and energy during physical exertion, and to do so without the inclusion of any synthetic components.

Light tasting and refreshing, it helps athletes refuel and rehydrate prior to and during training.

The answer is in the additional carbohydrates that can supply additional energy for working out, and more supplements that replenish the key nutrients the system loses through sweating.

This fantastic new beverage is a fantastic choice for any sort of sports activity that gets your heart rate going – martial arts, basketball, marathon… regardless of the level at which you do it, either competitively or recreationally.

Like all the products that are a part of the Herbalife 24 assortment, it has been extensively screened for prohibited chemicals and meets all the essential nutritional criteria and manufacturing standards.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a full team of Herbalife researchers and nutritional specialists that help him to get the best performances by planning a detailed nutritional program for his needs. This collaboration led to the production of his new unique supplement – CR7 Drive.

Regarding Herbalife:

Herbalife is a global nutrition corporation that has been changing people’s lives with awesome products since 1980.

The solutions and supplements, as well as a whole range of energy and individual care enhancers, are obtainable through well trained Herbalife members that offer assistance and support for men and women who are enthusiastic about changing things in their daily habits.

One of the main objectives of Herbalife is to fight the global problem of obesity and bad eating habits, by providing clients and users immediate support from its members, as well as involving them in a team that will support them to lead more healthy and active lifestyles.

They maintain the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife projects to help bring ideal nutrition to children in need.

Many of the world’s leading athletes and sports clubs use Herbalife solutions to help their players achieve the top results in their individual fields.

Nearly 8 thousand people work for the organization in workplaces around the globe, with its shares being exchanged on Wall Street.

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Concerning Cristiano Ronaldo:

Only a couple of select athletes go beyond their sport to become conventional celebrities.

Cristiano Ronaldo rests easily among that small crowd.

He has received countless accolades, even from his first professional footsteps playing in Portugal, and has since moved on to be branded the best player in the world numerous times, as well as win awards with his clubs in various leagues around the globe.

Ronaldo today is playing like there is no finish to his successes in sight.

His amazing quickness, power and predatory sense for scoring have made him the ideal modern football player.

However, this worldwide success has come at the cost of much hardship.

At an early age, he left his family’s modest home in Madeira to chase his ambition of becoming a professional footballer with Sporting Lisbon.

In record time, his potential was seen by managers internationally, and fans loved watching his lightning speed and sensational dribbling that was lighting stadiums on fire.

He was soon spotted by legendary club Manchester United, and joined them at the start of the new millennium.

With the assistance of one of the game’s greatest managers, Alex Ferguson, he improved further to become the icon that he is now.

He was responsible for 110 goals in his 6 years in Manchester, and won an amazing 9 UK and Continental titles.

His exceptional return in front of goal helped define possibly Europe’s best club team during that period.

Yet bigger things were still to come.

He also had the recognition of being the head of his national team, and was selected as captain.

He was also the planet’s then most valuable footballer after a move from Manchester to Real Madrid.

Since then, he has come to be a legend of Madrid, a team that is always home to some of the sport’s top players.

He is the only player to be named World Player of the year on 3 separate instances, is the greatest scorer in the history of the Champions league, the greatest scorer in the history of Real Madrid and has won countless titles in all the tournaments he has played.

He is also the only person in history to have been the top scorer in Europe on 4 different instances.